We have several highly qualified and award-winning hairstylists. Your hair is their art, and they love nothing more than creating a masterpiece of style that’s perfectly tailored to you.

Beyond simple cuts, their skills extend to creative colouring, meaning our stylists can provide the full package, with everything needed to make your dream hair a reality.

Junior Senior
Fringe Trim £6 £6
Dry Trim £10 £15
Wash, Cut & Blow-dry £30 £40
Full Head Colour £ £
Root Re-Touch £ £
Bleach Shampoo £ £
Full Head Foils £ £
Half Head Foils £ £
T-Section Foils £ £
T-Section Paint on £ £
Balayage £ £
Toner £ £

Please see our “How To” page for our top tips on caring for your coloured hair.

All new colour clients are required to attend a complimentary consultation before their appointment to discuss their hair colour desires. All new clients and some existing clients depending on their circumstances will require a skin PATCH test and a hair strand test before any colour service is undertaken – this is to ascertain that the client does not have any allergies to the colour used in the salon. The strand test is required to assess the strength of the clients hair before and after colour and/or bleach and associated products are applied.

At times, the client’s desired colour may not be achieved in one sitting, this could be due to many reasons including the condition of the clients hair, the build-up of colour they have or for the consideration of the hair’s long term health – in these cases more than one appointment will need to be arranged, all appointments are chargeable if it takes a series of appointments to achieve the desired colour.