Tape-In Hair Extensions are one of the newest methods to apply hair extensions. The ultra thin tape pieces are ‘sandwiched’ between two inch-long sections of a client’s natural hair, then further secured using a flat plier. There is no discomfort to the client’s scalp when applying these extensions, as they are very light in weight and lie flat to the head – ideal for the client that has very fine hair. This method is heat free and is non damaging to the natural hair, if cared for correctly.

There is a fast application time of 45 minutes for a full head of tape-in hair extensions and they last between 4–8 weeks before removal of the hair extension and after a cleansing wash and blow-dry, the same hair extensions can be re-taped and re-applied. Hair can be tied up with this application technique. Some clients believe this hair extension method to be the most comfortable. As the tape lies completely flat to the head, the hair extensions can be taken quite high up the scalp towards the parting, so can be used on clients with shorter natural hair, however, we would not recommend that these clients choose long hair extensions, normally the shorter length hair extensions are best with natural hair that is above the shoulders in length.

Fresh Salon recommends using a high quality hair extension tape when having  tape hair extensions applied, such as our “Quality Strands” brand or other high quality brands suggested by our stylist, as this source of hair has cuticles that are all facing in the same direction resulting in less tangling, is easier to manage and has a longer life-span than a cheaper hair alternative.

We would recommend that if tape hair extensions are of interest, the “How To” section of this website should also be read to learn more about what to expect and how to care for a them. Our stylists welcome all potential clients into the salon for a complimentary consultation to discuss their hair extension requirements. Please contact us for further information.