Your hair is often referred to as your “crowning glory”. The trend to want fuller, longer hair is as strong today as ever. Gorgeous thick hair builds your confidence, makes you feel more “feminine”, most take it for granted, and those that want thicker hair often turn to hair extensions to achieve their dream of bouncy locks.

What if Hair Extensions were not an option for you? Maybe your natural hair is so fine the hair extension attachment is visible and un-natural in appearance,  maybe your hair is too weak or damaged to hold the weight or type of hair extension or like a growing number of women, you don’t have the hair to attach hair extensions too. Women are now commonly suffering from hair loss, extreme breakage and baldness.

There are several reasons as to why a female may experience hair loss and baldness, it could be a genetic predisposition, stress, they are lacking something in their diet, the process of ageing or hormonal conditions.
If you are experiences fine hair, hair loss or baldness, please do contact Fresh Salon for a confidential consultation. Fresh has a number of hair solutions, using 100% human hair, returning natural volume to fine and thinning hair, even when the scalp is visible.

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